Course Design

The Office of Teaching and Learning encourages faculty and instructors to apply the principles of constructive alignment to design courses that are learner-centered and appropriately scaffolded. The Course Redesign Institute provides a space for course instructors to explore a variety of innovative instructional strategies, assessment approaches and learning technologies.

We partner and provide programming for instructors at all levels of experience, from graduate students embarking on their first teaching assistantships to experienced faculty members wanting to enhance elements of their instruction. No matter the level of experience, it is always the right time to consider the importance of pedagogically sound instructional practices.

Creating lessons, courses, and programs that are aligned helps to ensure that students and instructors can trace the path of taught content through to assessed performance. We offer consultations and programs for faculty, instructional staff, sessional instructors, graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to discuss instructional development goals and to plan and complete the next steps in their course (re)development.