Inclusive Teaching

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The University of Guelph’s commitment to fostering an inclusive campus has been articulated in many guiding documents such as our Strategic Framework and Inclusion Framework

“Fostering a culture of inclusion is a process that begins with acknowledging the diversity among us and the fact that some members of our community experience barriers to education, employment, and full participation due to systemic factors”

U of G's Strategic Framework, April 4th 2017

Building on the values articulated in these documents, Instructional Inclusivity outlines how we establish and sustain teaching and learning environments in which all learners and instructors can participate fully in the teaching and learning process. This process includes intentionally embodying approaches and utilizing resources to actively engage, include, and challenge all learners to ensure we set everyone up for success in their education. Instructional Inclusivity also requires an awareness of power differences and psycho-social factors that can affect teaching, learning, and assessment.