Create a Get to Know You Student Survey for Remote Courses

What is a Get to Know You Student Survey?

A Get to Know You Student Survey is a short, online survey designed to help you understand your students’ expectations, needs, challenges, and preferences related to remote learning and your course.

You can include questions about your students’ ability to engage in your course (e.g., access to technology) and make adjustments to your plans based on the students’ responses. For example, if you learn that the majority of students will not have access to a printer, you can take this knowledge into consideration when planning your course and offer an alternative for students to printing course materials.

Should Survey Responses be Anonymous or Linked to Individual Students?

For large courses (e.g., more than 50 students), we recommend using an anonymous survey to gather information about the expectations, needs, challenges, and preferences of the majority of students. The survey would tell you about your class as a group, as opposed to giving you specific information about each student.

For small courses (e.g., 50 or fewer students), it may be useful to survey students with their names, so that you can include questions about their specific needs, identifying information (e.g., preferred name, pronouns), and other information that you would typically try to learn about your students in a smaller course. Be sure to let students know how you will use the information that you gather in the survey, and keep the responses confidential.

Access a Sample Get to Know You Student Survey

If you would like to use a Get to Know You Student Survey in your courses, we have created a Get To Know You Student Survey that you can modify and use. To request a copy of the survey, email with “Get to Know You Survey” in the subject line. We will share a copy of the survey with you via Qualtrics. You can then login to your Qualtrics account and edit, add, or remove any questions as applicable. Once you have edited the survey, you can send the distribution link to the students (available by clicking on Distributions -> Get a single reusable link) via email or post the survey link in a Courselink announcement.

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