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Program Outcomes

By the completion of the program, successful participants should be able to: EnLITE Core EnLITE Plus
Critically examine scholarly topics on teaching and learning in higher education and in the disciplinary context.  Topics include, but are not limited to; teaching effectiveness, learner-centredness, experiential learning, community-based learning, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, educational technology, adult learning theory, assessment and evaluation, formative feedback and critical reflection
Refine principles and practices of their teaching through processes of; active collaboration, classroom observations and critical reflection with peers and a mentor  
Collaborate with other academics to build an active learning and support community dedicated to teaching and learning in higher education
Actively collaborate by participating in Action Learning Sets aimed at strengthening inquiry and practice  
Demonstrate commitment to a philosophy of continual improvement by completing a learning outcome statement devised at the beginning of the program and establishing a critically reflective teaching practice
Write a meta critical reflection itemizing personal learning through the program  

EnLITE runs from September to July/August each year program (Sept-Apr for the EnLITE Core stream) designed for 8 to 10 mid-career faculty.  Participants meet twice monthly. The first meeting, to collaboratively explore and reflect upon scholarly topics related to teaching and learning and what that might look like in the participants discipline. The second meeting is an "Action Learning Set" designed for participants to support one another through the program on a special topic of interest to them.

Each participant begins the program with a learning plan. Individual goals and objectives for the program are laid out in the plan and participants' progress is evaluated against the plan.

Assessment and Commitment

The program is pass/fail. The expected participant commitment is approximately up to three hours per week.

The following must be successfully completed as part of EnLITE Plus+:

  • Development of, and progression on, an independent learning plan
  • Reflective journal entries
  • Teaching observation (to observe and be observed)
  • Mentorship
  • Pedagogical discussion and participation in an Action Learning Set
  • Portfolio, complied of artifacts gathered through the program, monthly reflections and a final reflective repor

EnLITE-SEDA Collaboration

EnLITE is in line with the SEDA-accredited named award "Developing People and Enhancing Practice," specifically for faculty engaging in professional development activities associated with their discipline. Participants who successfully meet the learning outcomes of, and complete, EnLITE may be eligible for the SEDA certificate.


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