Graduate Student University Teaching Days (GSUTD)

Graduate Student University Teaching Days (GSUTD) are a series of teaching development days designed to support graduate students in improving their teaching skills and building connections with other instructors at the University of Guelph. GSUTD takes place near the end of August every year. Email to join the Graduate Teaching Community listserv to stay up to date about upcoming GSUTD events. 

Whether you are a graduate student, teaching assistant, or sessional lecturer, we invite you to attend our week-long programming to learn with and from others as we all prepare for the upcoming academic year. Each day of GSUTD typically includes teaching workshops, plenary sessions, round table discussions, and networking events for you to choose from.

By the end of GSUTD, successful participants should be able to:

  1. Feel more confident and prepared as a teaching assistant in higher education
  2. Identify and implement diverse evidence-based teaching strategies
  3. Connect with teaching peers to develop a teaching community for support, advice, and a network for sharing teaching challenges and success
  4. Locate resources to support teaching assistantship work, growth, and success at the University of Guelph

If you are interested in receiving the Foundations Waiver for your participation in GSUTD (i.e., waiving the requirements for two Foundations workshops – the “Reflective Teaching and Career Readiness” and “Elective” workshop requirements), you will need to participate fully in a minimum of four workshops throughout GSUTD in addition to completing the GSUTD response paper, which will be emailed to eligible participants after GSUTD is complete. Please note that you can only receive the GSUTD Foundations waiver once; if you have used this waiver previously, we still encourage you to attend and participate in GSUTD again, but it will not waive any additional Foundations workshops.

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