AVPA SoTL Grant Award Summary for 2020-2021

Taking Digital Storytelling Online: Student Experiences of Access, Inclusion, and Inquiry

Chelsea Jones and Carla Rice - $10,000

With a focus on co-created critical approaches to accessible online storytelling across gender-specific, Indigenous, and disability communities, the Re•Vision Centre for Art and Social Justice’s “Online Multimedia Storytelling” project contributes to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic by developing and piloting an experimental online storytelling module. This new methodological tool bolsters accessible online knowledge production across disciplines and queries how virtual innovations are made accessible, and for whom. With a focus on documenting and deepening our understanding of COVID-19’s uneven impacts, the research critically digs into the ways in which notions of “inclusion,” “access” and the “new normal” are lived out amid renewed attention to inequity in virtual spaces. By developing space for arts-informed community engagement and knowledge production in times of physical distancing, this project recasts multimedia storytelling as a necessarily digitized research methodology in unprecedented times.


FYS Student Researchers use Arts-Based Research Methodology to hear about the FYS experience from other FYS students

Mavis Morton - $5,100

In my FYS courses in the F20 and W21 entitled “Be a Digital Storyteller” my students and I will be trained by UOG’s ReVision REDLAB in Multimedia Storytelling. We will work collaboratively to design, conduct and analyze data which will be gathered using Digital Storytelling to hear from FYS students across all FYSs in 2020-21. The purpose of the research is to hear from FYS students about their FYS experiences and to ask if/how the FYS experience aligns with other academic and personal/professional goals. Knowledge mobilization of research findings will include the creation of 2-3 minute videos that pair audio recordings of stories of FYS students with visual and soundscapes (photos, video clips, music, artwork, gestures etc). Research findings will be used to inform and further develop a guiding teaching and learning framework and set of criteria to be used to create, revise and choose future FYS course offerings.


Student Experiences in Seeking Accommodations: A survey and qualitative study to improve universal design

Mervyn Horgan - $6,111

Instructor-student relationships concerning accommodations are often conflict-tinged. While accommodations and appeals procedures are in place, instructors maintain final authority over key accommodations like extensions. Anecdotally, many students associate seeking accommodations with anxiety, embarrassment, and failure, especially if they encounter unsupportive instructors. Our survey of upper-level undergraduate students gathers data on students’ own subjective experiences in seeking accommodations, to understand (1) who seeks accommodations, (2) why they seek them, and (3) how they go about doing so. This will provide a baseline understanding of how students perceive and experience accommodation-seeking, potentially revealing previously invisible elements of the learner experience. We anticipate presenting our work at a SoTL conference and publishing our results in a journal of higher education.