AVPA SoTL Grant Summary 2022-2023

A photograph of Alena Barysevich

Investigating the Benefits of Translanguaging Pedagogy in a Language School at a Canadian University

Alena Barysevich - $ 10,000

This research project inquires into the effectiveness of a cross-language and cross-subjects (SLA, Linguistics, Language Pedagogy) learning tool integrated across the first-year language courses in the School of Languages and Literatures (i.e., French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish). This tool —an asynchronous online 4 module training— was developed to facilitate the route world language learners follow, allowing them to acquire language(s) more strategically, effectively, and critically by: (i) activating language learners’ previous knowledge about language systems and their preexisting linguistic skills, (ii) benefitting from learners’ sociolinguistic profiles as a point of strength, and (iii) developing their metacognitive (translingual) awareness. The tool is based on an Intercomprehension ‘bridges’ Model/Translanguaging Pedagogy. How effective is this tool on critical language learning, on empowering world language learners to explore, inquire and navigate languages? How effective is Translanguaging instruction on transforming language instructors’ skills? Let’s activate our potential!