SoTL Grant Submission Guidelines

The 2020 SoTL Grant Submissions consist of three components that must be submitted electronically to no later than 4:00pm April 17th , 2020.

  1. The proposal (maximum 7 pages long using the downloadable proposal template)
  2. The proposal budget (using the downloadable budget template)
  3. Signed letters of support


1. Proposal Details

Your proposal must be completed using the fillable proposal template provided and fits within the 7 page limit. Proposals are considered complete when signed and accompanied by the budget and signed letters of support. Proposals will be evaluated by the committee for clarity, significance or impact, and feasibility considering the timeline and budget.

Proposals are comprised of the following sections

i) Literature Background / Rationale

This section should demonstrate that project is grounded in and builds on prior research and describe how the literature that has informed your ideas about this project, including:

  • A review of what related research has been done previously
  • The knowledge gap in the literature that you intend to address, or how the project will advance current thinking about the topic

ii) Research Question(s) and Impact

This section includes:

  • A clear articulation and framing of the guiding question(s) of the project, aligned with your rationale and supporting evidence
  • The anticipated impact of the project on the field of teaching and learning

iIi) Research Methodology

This section should provide a detailed research plan including:

  • A clear description of how the research design is linked to the project rationale and research question(s)
  • Detailed steps/activities that will be required to complete the project, demonstrating feasibility
  • A description of how you plan to analyze your data
  • Considerations of working with human subjects (if applicable)

iv) A timeline with project milestones

This section should clearly outline:

  • The anticipated project milestones and dates, aligned with the project methodology.
  • All steps discussed in the methodology, project closure and dissemination.
  • Successful SoTL Grant projects are required to present findings back at the University of Guelph’s annual Teaching and Learning Innovations Conference.


v) description of the role of each co-investigator and their contribution to the project (as applicable)

vi) Signatures of the applicant, chair or director and any co-investigators


2. Budget Details

Your proposal budget must be completed using the budget template provided and be as detailed as possible. Include a clear budget outline of how funds will be used, as well as funds received from other sources. Your project budget should also include (if applicable) descriptions of any in-kind contributions, and other project funding such as donations, grants etc.

Requested budget details for SoTL Grants can include travel and associated conference expenses up to 20% of the total project budget to a maximum of $1000.


3. Letter of Support Details

Letters of support from project collaborators

  • All letters of support must be signed by the collaborator identified in the proposal. Letters should outline what the collaborator will contribute to the project and a clear agreement to support the project.

Principal Investigators are advised to submit all letters of support along with the proposal and budget files. Should collaborators submit support letters separately, they must include the Project Title and Principal Investigator’s name in order to be considered.


File attachments