Graduate Student University Teaching Day/s (GSUTD)

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Graduate Student University Teaching Day/s (GSUTD) 2023: August 23/24

Whether you are a graduate student, teaching assistant, or sessional lecturer, we invite you to attend our programming at the GSUTD to learn with and from others as we all prepare for the upcoming academic year. 

For over a decade, the Graduate Teaching Community (GTC) hosted the Graduate Student University Teaching Conference (GSUTC) at the end of the summer term. In 2019, we changed the focus and for the first time, the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) launched the Graduate Student University Teaching Day/s (GSUTD). GSUTD started as a day-long development program dedicated to teaching and learning for University of Guelph graduate students, however it grew to a few days during the pandemic and now is being offered in a day and a half. The first half day is dedicated to networking and collaborating with new and experienced TA’s.

The GSUTD includes teaching workshops, plenary sessions, and networking events. Each opportunity is designed to support graduate students in improving their teaching skills and building connections with other graduate students at the University of Guelph. 

Email to join the Graduate Teaching Community listserv to stay up to date about upcoming events. 

Learning Outcomes for GSUTD

By the end of GSUTD, successful participants will be able to:

  1. Feel more confident and prepared as a teaching assistant in higher education
  2. Identify and implement diverse evidence-based teaching strategies
  3. Connect with teaching peers to develop a teaching community for support and advice as well as for sharing challenges and successes in teaching
  4. Locate resources to support teaching assistantship work, growth, and success at the University of Guelph