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The OTL Teaching & Learning Digest, OTL's monthly newsletter, highlights programming and resources for University of Guelph faculty and instructors. Features include registration information for programming from the Office of Teaching and Learning, announcements related to teaching-related funding and award opportunities, and resources related to evidence-based teaching practices. The newsletter also highlights the work of inspiring instructors and SoTL researchers across campus. 

Check out the most recent newsletter and an archive of previous issues below.

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E-mail the Office of Teaching and Learning (otl@uoguelph.ca) with any questions related to your teaching and learning needs.

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Previous OTL Newsletters


The January Newsletter emphasizes remote teaching and assessment resources, with a special Faculty Spotlight on the Ontario Veterinary College and the School of Engineering departments.

Find out more in the January issue. 

The February Newsletter highlights grading resources and beneficial workshops, with a special Faculty Spotlight on the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences for their study on group work. 

Find out more in the February issue. 

There were two Newsletters released in March 2022. 

The March Newsletter released on March 4th emphasizes resources for developing effective assessments, the announcement of the new SOTL Snapshot Collection website,  with a special Faculty Spotlight on the presenters at the  Educational Developers Caucus Conference. 

Find out more in the March 4th issue. 

The March Newsletter released on March 31st provides resources for the transition to online assessments following the Provost and Associate Vice-President (Academic)’s COVID-19 update regarding in-person teaching, assessment, and examinations for the Winter semester. 

Find out more in the March 31st issue. 

The April Newsletter highlights resources for student and faculty well-being, as well as providing tips for efficient and effective grading feedback. 

Find out more in the April issue. 

The June Newsletter highlights the LEF and AVPA SoTL grant reciepients along with a Spotlight on the work of Dr. Alena Barysevich from the School of Languages and Literatures. 

Find out more in the June issue. 

The August Newsletter emphasizes teaching resources available to instructors for the Fall semester and highlights the the recent publication from the Dr. Kate Parizeau from the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

Find out more in the August issue. 

The September Newsletter says goodbye to the Associate Director of OTL, Dale Lackeyram and welcomes the newest educational developer Dr. Christopher Laursen. It highlights the resources and services it offers. 

Find out more in the September issue. 


The May Newsletter provides well-being resources for faculty and staff, with a special Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Pat Barclay.

Find out more in the May issue

The June Newsletter highlights beneficial resources for course design models and engagement modes, with a special Faculty Spotlight on Dr. John Dawson.

Find out more in the June issue.

The July Newsletter provides tips and resources for starting strong in remote courses.

Find out more in the July issue

The September Newsletter emphasizes beneficial teaching resources for teaching online and in-person.

Find out more in the September issue.

The October Newsletter highlights useful assessment resources for online and in-person assessment.

Find out more in the October issue.

The November Newsletter provides a resource on gathering timely feedback from students, with a special Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisi.

Find out more in the November issue.

The December Newsletter highlights specific courses and programs for graduate students to help them succeed, with a special Faculty Spotlight on Bailey Bingham Dr. Mavis Morton.

Find out more in the December issue.