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Educational Technology Developer
Day Hall 202
Current Areas of Focus: 
• Critical Digital Pedagogy • Educational Development • Educational Technology Design • Artificial Intelligence • lnformation Architecture • Information Management• Open Educational Resources (OER)

Shehroze Saharan, as the Educational Technology Developer at the Office of Teaching & Learning, plays a crucial role in supporting the University of Guelph's educational objectives. His expertise aids faculty, instructors, and learners in navigating the complexities of the educational landscape. Informed by best practices in design and communication, Shehroze focuses on advancing Critical Digital Pedagogy. As a leader in the field, he leads initiatives that embrace evolving digital pedagogies, including Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning. Shehroze effectively integrates cutting-edge tools, methods, and best practices to enhance student engagement. His proficiency extends to various tools, such as online learning platforms, microcredentials, and online modules using Articulate. Shehroze adopts an approach encompassing gamification, multimedia content, H5P content, Open Educational Resources (OER), and Data Analytics, showcasing a comprehensive integration of technology to enhance the educational experience.

Before assuming the role of Educational Technology Developer, Shehroze earned his Bachelor's degree in Bio-Medical Science with a Minor in Media Studies & Cinema at the University of Guelph. Building on his interests, he pursued a Master of Information at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, specializing in Information System Design (ISD) and Knowledge Management & Information Management (KMIM). In 2024, Shehroze is set to commence his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Pedagogy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.