Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community of Practice

The Office of Teaching and Learning hosts a bi-weekly Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community of Practice (SoTL CoP) open to all University of Guelph faculty and instructional staff. During each SoTL Community of Practice, participants will discuss one or more recently-published SoTL articles. The discussion will focus on the topic of the article (e.g., active learning) and also the method employed by the researchers.

By participating in the SoTL CoP, participants will:

  • Engage with current SoTL literature that on various topics (e.g., flipped classrooms, active learning, student success, etc.)
  • Discuss SoTL literature with colleagues with different disciplinary backgrounds
  • Identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of SoTL research that employs various research methodologies (e.g., surveys, interviews, focus groups, case study, experiment, etc.)
  • Connect with colleagues from across the University who share an interest in teaching and learning research

The SoTL CoP is open to any University of Guelph faculty or instructional staff with an interest in SoTL. The group will meet every other week beginning in January 2020 to discuss literature related to SoTL. The SoTL CoP is hosted by the Office of Teaching and Learning and facilitated by Educational Developers. Each meeting will include articles on a different theme related to SoTL research, including quantitative and qualitative research methods and making time for SoTL research. 

Follow this link to register for upcoming SoTL CoP meetings.

Graduate students interested in discussing SoTL literature should consider joining the SoTL Journal Club, offered by the Graduate Teaching Community.

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