Teaching and Learning Strategies

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The Educational Development team advocates for the use of teaching and learning strategies that foster a learner-centred environment. We develop resources, facilitate training sessions, and conduct consultations on the implementation of the strategies listed below in a variety of settings.

Teaching While Wearing a Mask

Teaching while wearing a mask or face shield can be challenging. Instructors may need adapt how they communicate, build community, and encourage interaction between students. These recommendations can help you teach effectively while wearing a mask.

Giving "Good" Student Feedback

Good feedback ensures that students are able to move forward efficiently on future work. The best feedback is specific, actionable, timely and respectful: find out how to incorporate these characteristics into your teaching practice.

Mid-semester Feedback

Gathering mid-semester feedback allows instructors to gain insight into how students are navigating the learning environment. The feedback can be used to understand what approaches are working within the class, and any alterations that could be made to continually improve the learning environment.


Group Work

The design of group work activities and projects can help students develop many attributes, including problem-solving abilities, planning and organization, and communication skills; yet, group work can present many challenges for both the students and the instructor. There are considerations to keep in mind as you include group work into your course and assessments.


Discussions are one way to actively involve students in the learning process. Discussions provide students opportunity to enhance their communication skills, problem solve, apply and synthesize key concepts and consider diverse points of view.

Teaching Large Classes

Teaching large classes comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Learn about some of the factors to be considered when planning the learning environment in large classes.

Active Learning Strategies

Active learning strategies encourage students to engage with the course material in a manner that fosters deep learning and enhances retention. There are some sample strategies that could be included in any learning environment.

For more information on these, or any other teaching and learning strategies, please contact the Educational Development team.