Crowdmark:  A Really Good Online Grading Tool

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Join Dr. Matt Demers (Dept. of Mathematics + Statistics), Dr. Kim Levere (Dept. of Mathematics + Statistics), and Dr. Julie Vale (School of Engineering) for an overview of Crowdmark and an explanation of some of its potential benefits to remote assessment.  Significant time will be reserved for questions from participants.

Crowdmark is a web-based grading environment that has been especially useful during our current need for alternative-delivery assessment.  While Courselink’s quiz tool provides a way to deliver remote assessments, its effectiveness is limited to multiple choice and short answer questions.  The only option in Courselink for assessment of extended response, math, or drawing based questions is the use of Dropbox.  For small classes, Dropbox is manageable, but providing rich feedback in Dropbox is difficult and it is not well suited to larger courses (>50) with multiple graders.
Crowdmark works much the same as Dropbox in the sense that students write their exam, then upload the result to the system.  Where Crowdmark differs is in its ability to facilitate excellent feedback in online, team grading of long answer/math/figure based questions while simultaneously auto grading multiple choice questions.  Crowdmark is integrated with Courselink, so feedback can be securely and privately disseminated at the push of a button.

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