Foundations – Lesson Planning

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This workshop is required to complete the University Teaching Foundations program and counts under the category of Lesson Planning.    

Have you ever attended a seminar, tutorial or lab and didn’t feel prepared on what to teach your students that day? Well then, this workshop is perfect for you to learn the essential skills needed to deliver an organized and effective lesson to your students. Come learn how to create a lesson plan based on the BOPPPS lesson planning model and how to align learning outcomes with assessments and classroom activities. 

Intended Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this workshop, successful participants should be able to: 

  1. Identify the cognitive domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy and use them to create effective learning outcomes 

  1. Name and outline the components of the BOPPPS lesson planning model 

  1. Create a lesson plan using the BOPPPS model in preparation for your teaching events 


Please Note: Workshops will open 5 minutes before the start and close 5 minutes into the session. After 5 minutes into the workshop you will no longer be able to join. Facilitators need to have their full attention devoted to the workshop

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