Foundations – Written Feedback on Written Assignments (GRFD)

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This workshop counts towards the University Teaching Foundations program under the category of Grading and Feedback (GRFD). 

Feedback, in all forms, is a critical part of our students’ learning about both disciplinary content and disciplinary communication conventions, and it also plays a crucial role in developing their critical and creative thinking skills. Yet our written feedback on our students’ shorter and longer written assignments often yields dissatisfaction from both them and from us. In this workshop, we will work to improve the effectiveness of our written feedback on written assignments to ensure that the time and effort we are putting into providing our feedback fosters our students’ learning and development. We will identify challenges to providing feedback to our students, define strategies for improving our own approaches, and practice hands-on feedback writing techniques.  

Intended Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this workshop, successful participants should be able to: 

  1. Explain the pedagogical benefits of providing effective written feedback on students’ written assignments 

  1. Identify three strategies for providing written feedback on students’ written assignments 

  1. Analyze the affordances and constraints of employing these three strategies for different purposes 



Please Note: Workshops will open 5 minutes before the start and close 5 minutes into the session. After 5 minutes into the workshop you will no longer be able to join. Facilitators need to have their full attention devoted to the workshop. 

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