GTC – TA Scrapes & Band-Aids (NETW)

Date and Time


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This networking event counts towards the University Teaching Foundations program under the category of GTC Networking Event (NETW). 

Whether you are a new teaching assistant (TA) or have been TAing for many semesters, you've probably experienced some challenges along the way. Join us for an opportunity to share your classroom obstacles and challenges with your fellow teaching assistants. As a group, we will come up with solutions ("Band-Aids") to your TA challenges ("Scrapes"). If you are not currently TAing, please still feel free to attend and share your expertise and experiences with the group.  

Intended Leaning Outcomes 

By the end of this networking event, successful participants should be able to: 

  1. Connect with teaching peers to develop a teaching community for support, advice, and a network for sharing teaching challenges and successes. 


Please Note: Workshops will open 5 minutes before the start and close 5 minutes into the session. After 5 minutes into the workshop you will no longer be able to join. Facilitators need to have their full attention devoted to the workshop. 

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