Keep the Best, Ditch/Change the Rest: Reflecting on What Worked, What Didn’t, and Deciding Where to Go From There (Part I)

Date and Time


All sessions will be held in Zoom. Please register through our Summer Programming website.


This two-part workshop offers a guided opportunity to plan the overall structure and balance of your Fall 2021 courses through guided reflection, collaborative brainstorming, sharing, and problem solving, and a discussion about different course structures (e.g., blended, hybrid, flipped). We will explore how you might repurpose materials from your remote courses as you plan for your Fall 2021 courses.

Ideal for faculty and instructors who:

  • Want to reflect on, revisit, or reconsider the design and structure of their courses, especially with respect to how to integrate and repurpose aspects of face-to-face and remote teaching into hybrid/blended/flipped designs
  • Want to think through their course planning and design ideas, challenges, and questions with colleagues

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect on previous offerings of your course to identify what worked well (gains, promising practices, assessments, or outcomes) and what you’d like to modify (gaps, challenges, unanswered questions) 
  • Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of different course delivery model options, including blended, hybrid, and flipped approaches
  • Collaboratively brainstorm with colleagues to address gaps, challenges, and questions related to your course planning
  • Plan the overall structure, flow, or balance for your course(s), including how different elements of your course (e.g., instructional activities, learning activities, assessments) might be delivered, and incorporating gains and effective or promising practices from prior course offerings

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