Balancing the Flow of Assessments in your Course (Part II)

Date and Time


All sessions will be held in Zoom. Please register through our Summer Programming website.


This two-part workshop offers an opportunity to review your assessment workload balance in previous course offerings, learn about strategies that can improve workload balance for you and your students, and design alternative assessment plans for your upcoming offering. We will also discuss assignment transparency and student effort. 

Ideal for faculty and instructors who: 

  • Would like to design or modify an assessment plan using strategies that consider instructor and student workload, effort, and well-being
  • Want to gather ideas and feedback from colleagues that have tried various assessment strategies and/or are considering similar strategies and approaches

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect on previous offerings of your course to identify and discuss challenges with assessment balance, flow, organization and consider what modifications are needed.
  • Identify key considerations and strategies to balance assessment workload for students and instructors.
  • Evaluate assessment distribution and weighting across the term in previous delivery modes, or planned assessments for upcoming course(s).
  • Discuss options for improved assessment workload balance in your course and the pros and cons of various assessment plans.
  • Design or modify an assessment plan for your upcoming course(s) that take into account instructor and student workload, effort, and well-being and the benefits and challenges of different approaches.

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