Asynchronous Active Learning in Face-to-Face, Virtual, or Hybrid/Blended Modes (Part II)

Date and Time


All sessions will be held in Zoom. Please register through our Summer Programming website.


This two-part workshop offers an opportunity to review the asynchronous active learning strategies used in previous course offerings and consider which activities to keep, which to modify or remove, and what activities to add for your upcoming course(s) to facilitate student engagement and learning. Our discussion will include asynchronous active learning activities completed individually (e.g., individual reflection, guided notes, responding to writing prompts) and collaboratively (e.g., a collaborative study guide, collaborative brainstorming) to learn and discuss content and skills and study for assessments.

Ideal for faculty and instructors who: 

  • Want to refine or add asynchronous active learning strategies to their course(s) 
  • Want to share their ideas on the activities or approaches they are considering and gather feedback from colleagues

Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect on previous offerings of your course to identify what asynchronous active learning opportunities worked well, what opportunities need modification or to be removed, and where you might want to add asynchronous learning opportunities to facilitate student engagement and learning
  • Identify the purpose of using asynchronous active learning activities within your course and where they might be most beneficial within the overall structure of your course
  • Collaboratively brainstorm with colleagues to discuss potentially effective strategies and their implementation, and to address gaps, challenges, and questions related to your course(s)
  • Select promising asynchronous active learning strategies for your course that align with your other course elements (e.g., learning outcomes, assessments, other teaching and learning activities).

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