Foundations – Managing Inclusive and Diverse Learning Spaces (ACTL)

Date and Time


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This workshop counts towards the University Teaching Foundations program under the category of Active Classroom Teaching and Learning (ACTL).

This workshop will guide you through some of the commonly encountered conflicts in the classroom and provide you with the necessary tools to handle those situations in a professional manner. We will also discuss topics related to making your classroom a safe learning environment for all students (e.g. inviting students to share their gender pronouns, reducing anxiety of students, create opportunities to increase sense of belongingness for all students).

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, successful participants should be able to:

  1. Define diversity and inclusivity, describe dimensions of diversity, and identify principles of inclusivity for teaching and learning
  2. Discuss bias from multiple perspectives as it relates to teaching and learning
  3. Identify and discuss strategies and resources for creating and maintaining an inclusive spaces
  4. Anticipate some of the commonly encountered conflicts and challenges in the classroom to think proactively through establishing an inclusive and safe classroom environment

Please note: You will be allowed to join the call at any time; however, to receive credit for Foundations we ask that you do not miss more than ten minutes of the session and that you complete the attendance survey at the end of the session.

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